Month: August 2015

“Indian Summer”

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“Indian Summer” is a seasonal term that is not expressed in dates.  But, it usually happens every year. When I was researching and writing “Spirit Dog” (Amazon) I ran across it in a Oklahoma Society digest.  Since I thought it was interesting and I like to add historical tidbits to my writing, I used it as part of conversation between my two characters, Hawk and Jeff.  Here’s is how Hawk told it.

One summer most of the Indian families were gathering nuts and corn and wood and beginning to store it for winter. But there was one group that was not. They continued to play and ignore  doing any type of work.   Then as the winds began to blow stronger and it began to grow colder, the group began to call upon the Great Spirit to help them.

“Help us” they cried.  And so the Great Spirit did by giving them a few more days when the sun was shining.  These few extra days of renewed sun was called “Indian summer.”


What Are Youths Reading?

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Recently I was reviewing the plots of YA novels as I decided I would try writing one.  After writing several children’s books, I thought it would be a nice next exercise. What do I know?

Recently published themes are the activities of homeless teens, kidnaped teens, teen prostitutes, runaways, muscular dystrophy, eating disorders, misfits and loners. Isn’t anyone writing or reading happy stories? Maybe that’s why I started writing  a historical story about a teenager who comes to America as a bonded servant.  We’ll see how that goes.