Month: September 2015

Following Your Shadow

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Recently I walked out of the library and there was my shadow moving ahead of me. I always thought ones’ shadow followed you or was to the side. I’m guessing the sun must have something to do with where your shadow stands. I should Google that question and find out the specifics.
Following ones shadow might not be all bad. I would not expect to get into trouble. Suppose your shadow started to turn left and you wanted to go right. “Stop” might be all you would need to say.
I remember years and years ago there was a radio program called the “Shadow!” He was a detective I think who lurked around in the shadows of buildings and hunted down bad guys. Apparently, he was not so exciting an imaginary enough character to transfer over to television. If he was, I missed the program.
Then, of course, there was the song “Me and My Shadow” sung by one of the great crooners of the day or was it Fred Astaire who danced with his shadow.
Anyway, thinking about the actions of a person’s shadow kept me thinking for a while. Maybe today I’ll take another walk and see if my shadow is still with me.


Writing is Therapy

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There are many kinds of therapy. The type that I feel is most restful for the brain is writing. The time just passes away.
I was just reading about using Twitter and Facebook. Many people also find using social media a therapy as well. Some members of my family tell me that television is out and communication through social media is in. Particularly YouTube. I noticed that many webinars that are available are now shown on YouTube. Some of them were once a paid program. Now the instructions are free. When I was teaching at VCU we often went off onto YouTube to find a stimulating opening introduction to the day. The students enjoyed it and let them catch their breath before diving into the assigned lesson.