Asparagus Never Dies

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…or at least it will keep growing for another 20 years.

Asparagus is a hardy perennial. It is the only common vegetable that grows wild along roadsides and railroad tracks over a large part of the country.

I first came to admire asparagus because it is supposed to help make you thinner. It’s composed of fiber and fiber and fiber. A lot of backbone.

Fiber, backbone, tenacity, persistence….these are all the characteristics you need when you are over 60 and looking for a job or writing a book.  Digging in your heels. Being persistent. Reinventing yourself. Being persistent. Learning to be patient. And I say again, being persistent.

I guess by now you have noticed that I have nominated “persistence” as the key characteristic to just about anything you start to do.  The point is never give up…persistently keep plodding along!







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