Your Elevator Speech

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Do you have an elevator speech prepared? I learned about such a creature years ago, used it upon occasion in job hunting, then teaching the process to others. I think it was the creation of real estate people looking for capital  investors, and then it moved into other industries such as job hunting and now I see that it is often used by authors whenever they might meet an agent or a publisher

What exactly is an elevator speech, you might ask.  It is being able to explain your job experience, your new book, your renal property or whatever, in the length of time that it would take an elevator to rise 20 floors.  Several inventors have used it upon meeting an inventor.  Some claim they have found jobs through this approach.

Simply put together, it is a couple of paragraphs describing  your job talents, a book synopsis, the value of a property or the wonderfulness of a product.  When I was teaching at Virginia Commonwealth University a few years back, I am happy to say I helped many students develop good appeals. When I retired I also spoke to groups of unemployed persons at the State Unemployment office, helping them to regain confidence, and a new approach to job hunting.

So there it is.  A tip toward success.


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