Month: February 2016

Healthy People

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I  did make a resolution that I would try and write more on my blog.  And then I seemed to forget it.  Instead I went back to editing my book-in-the-works for young adults.

I think I started writing about this topic in an earlier note, but had not reviewed so many books. Anyway,  I reviewed a number of YAs on the library shelves, and discovered that to be successful a book must have some illness involved.  Or that it what it seems.  Published themes are the activities of homeless teens, knapped teens, teen prostitutes, muscular dystrophy, eating disorders, misfits and loners.  Isn’t anyone writing or reading about healthy, happy teens.

I happened to be with my granddaughter and asked her to read five chapters.  She told me it was a good start.  She also told me that every book she has read recently has the parents deceased.  Mine does too. I guess it seems an easy way to begin without a lot of explanation.

Anyway, I have selected a working title and thinking of a cover design.  “Flight to Freedom,”  How’s that?