Turn Signals

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Do you have a pet peeve?  Mine is people who drive but do not use their turn signals. I always thought that using the turn indicators on your car was to tell other drivers what you were going to do.  Apparently everyone does not think that!

Using a turn indicator is a relatively simple tool to use. Just flip it up or down and the signal gives you a left or right.  For some people, however, that may be like my learning to text.  It is difficult to comprehend.

I like to hear voices when someone is speaking.  Listening has become something of a pass time with me.  But no one seems to be talking anymore, even to one’s self.  One place where I have to listen very carefully is to the BBC programs.  Often I do not catch every word because they are thick, slurred or pronounced the British way.  One catchy phrase that the British use is “walk around.”  We hardly ever hear an announcer here say “the Candidate or  President  walked around shaking hands.  We just observe it.

I often drive behind a truck that has a question painted on the back of the truck.  It asks “how am I doing?”   Do you ever take the time to call the number that is usually given?  One thing that most truck drivers do do is use their signals.

So now I have made a cycle and come back to my original thought.  That may be a signal to quit!
















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