Women Love Mysteries

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Murder mysteries are leading the way in print and television entertainment, so surveys  show.  According to a survey conducted by Sisters in  Crime, an organization  of women mystery and crime writers, women aged  50 and over are reading and watching the most.

Another survey tells us that Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple have led the list of sleuths for decades.  Today their competition is a parade of women on television whose backgrounds spring from a bakery, a garage, a flower shop and a bookstore all promoted by Hallmark. The aspect of this that interests me is “how do these ladies operate their businesses while they are running around solving crimes?” Once I interviewed a lady who had started a bakery and she was working day and night producing her cakes and pies and cookies and then seeking out commissions for  wedding cakes on the side.  So, I am just assuming that these lady sleuths have help minding the store and making a living out of it.

A friend of mine, a mystery writer named Millie Mack, tells me that there are two types of mysteries: the crime setting and the cozy mystery.  The crime story gets messy  with police facts, etc. and the cozy mystery just tells you there has been a murder and skips over the grizzly parts.

Something that Millie Mack has done that brings attention to her books, since she is not on TV yet, is write a mystery blog that you might enjoy.. It offers crossword type puzzles and other information about the classic mystery sleuths, etc.  Give her blog a try. It is  www.darkandstormynights.com   She also is the author of a new mystery, her third, called “Take a Byte Out of Murder.” via Amazon.

I never quite got the hang of writing mysteries or romances so that is probably why I have been writing children’s stuff for years.  This is by the way the first birthday of my last book “Spirit Dog” available on Amazon. Check it out!.





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