What’s a Career?

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Today I’m always reading about a person who had a “career” in business or was a lawyer, or whatever.  Have you ever wondered  when a career begins and ends. The person is still alive but nothing is said what he/she might be doing now. (He completed his career and is now sitting in his lawn chair reading.)

So  I Googled the word and here is one of several descriptions that I found. I’ve left the whole description in because you could go on finding other information.

The progress and actions taken by a person throughout a lifetime, especially those related to that person’s occupations. A career is often composed of the jobs held, titles earned and work accomplished over a long period of time, rather than just referring to one position.

Read more: http://www.businessdictionary.com/definition/career.html#ixzz4Ba67EKUS

Anyway,  I thought back on my own career.  Only one segment of it has continued through several occupations.  I thought of it like peeling an onion.  I have done marketing, public relations, promotions, teaching– but each only periods of time. But writing I have continued long after the other segments have expired.  So now I can say I have a career as a writer and author because I’m still doing that.  My proof in recent years is going from  newspaper articles and corporate magazines to such fluff as “Spirit Dog” and “Mister Umbrella Man, Stories About Inventions” available on Amazon.

So what does it all mean?  Probably nothing.  I only hope that somewhere along the way someone, somewhere has enjoyed reading it.

P.S. Along the way I have received a fan letter or two. One of the most interesting was a letter from a lady about an article I wrote–probably in 1969 for a newspaper called “The Day.”.  It was about a  large stone house that was going to be redecorated by several interior designers as a “Decorator Show House,” for charity. Then it was going to be put up for sale by the owners. But as a reporter, I was invited to tour the house and do a before and after story.  At one time this lady had lived there.  She wanted to know if the “dumb waiter” was still installed in the house or whether it had been taken out. I did remember that it was there, because outside of a hotel, I had never seen one in a home.  The other thing I remembered and still do, was that in the “before” tour, the master of the house never cleaned up anything personal about his bedroom. There by the side of his bed was a scuffed  well-worn pair of shoes and a tie was thrown over the back of a chair. Laundry was in an open hamper.  I had always practiced folding up my bed and making my own bedroom sort of presentable, should any stranger–even a burglar– saunter through.

So that was how the wealthy lived, I decided.  I left that part out of the article.




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