Where are the feature stories?

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What has happened to magazines?  Moons ago when I was doing interviews and writing feature stories the magazines used to have numerous feature stories about famous people. The cover usually contained a famous face and inside their story–about their home life and family, success and missed steps. Two of the magazines I recently received had lovely couches on the cover.  Another had Valentine cookies and another had a beautiful boutique of flowers.  People were never mentioned inside except when commenting that the interior decorations were put together by such and such interior decorator.

I remember even stealing a comment or two from one of those magazines. I was writing a story about putting together a mosaic and how Jane Mansfield had a pool shaped like a heart with mosaic at the bottom or maybe it was a piano shaped pool with a mosaic by another artist.  That reminds me that there aren’t many movie magazines around anymore either where you could tear out the pictures and stick them up on your bedroom wall.

Sports Illustrated, Time and GQ still have faces usually.  People, of course.  But Better Homes, Good Housekeeping. Woman’s  now talk about cosmetics, interior design, compare vegetables or nutrition, exercises–they almost all sound/read alike.  Now as an AARP person I receive many subscription invoices for ridiculous prices for these magazines. However, I am beyond the age of needing what they write about.  It does get perplexing!

Who likes to read?  For those people who like to read excerpts from new books, I have discovered AuthorDen.  This is something like a Goodreads.  And, I have found it to be more interesting than Facebook.   All of this is entertainment. 

Scroll on down and read an excerpt from my new book: “Escape to Freedom



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