A Welcome Door

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Have you ever thought of a door as a welcoming element?  Mostly I’ve thought of doors as a means of keeping other people out.  Recently, I read in “Money Magazine ” that the color of a door could add as much as $6,000 to a home.  And, that color is black!

That’s the findings of the real estate company, Zillow, that has been studying doors since 2010 and taken 135,000 photos of same. According to realestate.com  a black door gives the impression of  stately, seriousness and safety.  According to Zillow’s design expert, Kerrie Kelly, it ‘s comparable to the little black dress or suit.  Thinking back, I have had at least two black  doors that I remember, both in Illinois.  The doors were painted black because we had children running in and out in muddy and rainy weather and their boots often hit the door.  Seasonal decorations also looked nice and visible hanging on a black door.

About that time I also was working for a community newspaper called  The Arlington Day, a Marshall Field paper.  One of the features we came up with was to have a picture of a famous or historical door on the cover of the real estate section.  One of the doors I remember that was rather plain was the front door of Blair House in Washington D.C. which at that time was where the Vice President lived.  Today it is a special house for guests and recently the Bush Family stayed there.

Another special historical door I went through a few years ago was the headquarters of George Washington at Valley Forge.  My grand daughters were with me and they sat down on the stoop and had their photos made, “sitting on the steps of the liberty tree.”

Another door I noted recently was the Better Homes & Gardens  blue door in an ad in  their magazine.  Looked terrific with plants all around it.  Driving around my neighborhood I noticed mostly black, but there were a few red doors with garlands, wreaths, etc. and a couple of seasonal ones where a fabric or colored paper was wrapped around the door.  Christmas is another time when some decorators like to tie a ribbon around the door like a package.   I did note that wreaths are the most popular item for hanging on doors, and  they generally express spring, winter or fall.

So, if you are planning to sell your house soon, maybe you should think about the door. It might not even be necessary to do all the other repairs and wall painting you generally think about.

















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