Green is alive

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Green grows the  grass.  Green in all its vibrancies and shades grows in my garden. And, green must be this year’s favorite color with designers.  Unfortunately some of that green becomes so light on packaging that it is difficult to read.  Especially on food packaging.

My most difficult to read nomination goes to Perdue Simply Smart (but great tasting) Chicken Breast  Cutlets frozen bag.  On the back the cooking instructions blend from a medium green to a tiny font of light green blending into a white background.  Yes, I was challenged to microwave from those instructions.  However, the Nutritional Facts panel is in black and white on a white background. 

This is  not the only food packaging  splashed with green.  Green Giant recently redesigned some of its Simply Steam frozen food packages—and there it is dark to light green on the back of Broccoli Spears. Compliments go to Lean Cuisine which did just the reverse on their frozen foods—using white type lettering bursting out of several shades of green.  Marie Callender also uses similar green mixtures on some of its frozen boxes. Perhaps “green” is just one of those colors that whets the appetite. 

One of the most prominent users  of green is Fidelity in its TV commercials.  Follow that green arrow.  You’ll also find on screen  True Green  grass.  Then there’s the Weather Channel and other weather reports where you’ll see green splotches racing across the weather map screen representing rain.

Throughout civilization green also has come to mean money.  “Give me the green stuff.”  It’s also an old name coming from Europe as  my family’s name.  In one of my favorite movies, “Predator”, green comes alive.  So let’s leave it at that:  Green makes me come alive!

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