It’s Time to Have Grit

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  I don’t often review a book, but this one has given me a lot of thought.  The  book is timely.  It’s called  ”Grit, the Power of Passion and Perseverance” by Angela Duckworth. Although the book is two years old, just last night the author appeared on an MSMBC  program and she also will host an   AM Joy news hour.

The book  is about how the power of grit can  help you achieve your potential.  “What we accomplish in the marathon of life depends tremendously on our grit– our passion, our perseverance for long term goals.”  Duckworth  is now a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania. Formerly she worked with West Point cadets to determine what inspires perseverance.  I thought it would have some inspiration for senior citizens like me—it does sometimes.  However, now she is promoting how perseverance can help you find hope and decrease depression during this pandemic. 

Through  charts, data, and grids she  challenges people to keep going. She suggests that Grit can be cultivated by family culture or special support groups. Duckworth’s experience is that once you have done the work (for me, exercise to gain back leg  strength) you have then created a clear vision that you should follow. Discipline and effort then will help maintain that vision.  Passion,  Perseverance and Hope  go hand in hand.  Many quotes are given by college coach John Wooden and  Seattle Seahawks coach  Pete Carroll. “Create a vision for yourself and stick with it,” advises Carroll, “you can make  amazing things happen in your life.”

Last night Duckworth asked  “what can you control?  One thing is hopelessness.  How can we change?  By helping others during this period.  Take control of your time.  To be gritty is to resist complacency, whatever it takes.” Although she has somewhat repositioned the purpose of her book, she is suggesting a method by which you can channel your vision to achieve a healthier attitude during this period in time.  So, Persevere!  Stay cool!  Frances     

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