Masks Off

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Cautiously I have taken off my mask! So have most of my friends and acquaintances. I’m beginning to feel more comfortable with it off–but carrying one or two with me.

Now I miss being greeted by a Betty Boop or some piece of information I didn’t know about someone, such as their mask with a college emblem in the corner, a profession, favorite color or flower or that they liked butterflies, song birds or crabs. Or how patriotic they are wearing stripes and stars, the state flag or family crest. Then there were masks for all seasons. I liked the Christmas ones best. Tie-dyes, words and mottos, company IDs. Innovative, creative, I’ll say no more.

Hopefully this is the end and we can stop reading eyes.

Now, however, I can appreciate what some people in other countries have had to put up with where there has been or is fog, contaminated air from fumes or heavy smoke, some coal miners. Television sometimes has brought us scenes of people such as the Japanese, Chinese or other Far Eastern countries where masks are worn often. Or a volcano has erupted and masks are urged. And, I might say that in some countries women are required to wear veils that could be compared in a sense to masks. So although this may be the end for one phase, I hope it has not been a practice session for a time we too might have to wear a mask for other reasons. I think that is called “thinking proactive.”

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