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Covid has reduced many of us to watching shoot-em-up Western Classics.

Except, many of them  keep being repeated on one channel and then another and another. So, now I know all the dialogue as well as knowing what’s coming in the plots. Or do I? Some westerns are so cut you do miss what’s coming next.  For example, I have come to love Rio Grande  c. 1935 (John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara).

About one-third into the film a group of soldiers gather to sing to John and Maureen the song, “Kathleen.”  I love that song! So you may catch this flick on another night on another channel and it’s gone. But that channel has commercials.  You had to cut somewhere to squeeze in that soap sale. 

Then there are the scripts.  In those days they must have been passed around. In one movie the script has  actor James Brown’s brother returning from prison to frame and  lure him into bank robbing again.  Then in a remake, I caught actor George Montgomery’s brother luring him into the same scheme.  The latter was the newer as actor Tab Hunter made an appearance. In that movie the brothers  surname was “Ringo.”  But the dialogue was barely changed.

Yes, you’ll also find that “Ringo” is often a first name such as in “Stage Coach” where John Wayne plays “Ringo.”And then you’ll find there is a “Ringo”in just about every Tombstone movie version made.  Another popular western name is Wyatt.  I think they put those names in westerns just to keep your attention.   

Does anyone name their sons (or daughters) those names any more? I wonder.

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